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Behind the scenes from our latest campaign shoot

Behind the scenes from our latest campaign shoot

At Noema, our commitment to delivering beautiful imagery goes beyond just showcasing our latest pieces. We believe in creating an experience that embodies the essence of our brand – one that is vibrant, dynamic, and filled with the spirit of adventure. There’s no better way to capture this than through our annual photoshoots, where creativity and collaboration collide against the backdrop of breathtaking locations.

This year, our annual shoot led us to the charming village of Capdepera and the picturesque shores of Cala Mezquida in Mallorca. As the sun bathed the cobbled streets in a golden glow, our team embarked on yet another adventure to bring a vision to life.

The day began early and with enthusiasm as always. As the team gathers amidst the tranquil streets of Capdepera, there’s always a strong sense of camaraderie – a shared excitement for the day about to unfold. But before we get to work, a ritual that has become somewhat of a tradition for us – a quick visit to a local cafe. This is what slow living is about; with cups of coffee in hand, we take the time to savour the moment, soaking in the ambiance of the village while our makeup artist, Xisca, applies her finishing touches with our models, Aina and Marta.

Once everyone was prepped and ready, we set out to explore the hidden gems of Capdepera, seeking out the perfect backdrops for our designs. Led by our wonderfully talented photographer, Eli, and guided by the keen eye of our stylist, Carolina, each shot was meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Noema – effortlessly chic and carefree.

Against a backdrop of azure skies and sun-kissed landscapes, our team worked seamlessly, weaving together the garments with art and storytelling. Aina and Marta, our models, moved with grace and poise, truly embodying the spirit of adventure with every pose.

But amidst the hustle and bustle of the shoot, we take moments of quiet reflection and connection – lunch breaks filled with laughter have become a staple at Noema, a chance to pause and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

As the day draws to a close, there’s a sense of satisfaction that lingers in the air – a job well done and new connections made. As we pack up our cameras and bid farewell to Capdepera, there’s already anticipation for the next adventure that awaits us.

At Noema, each photoshoot is a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and the enduring spirit of exploration. And as we look ahead to the future, we do so with excitement and bundles of gratitude for the opportunity to keep doing what we love and for the talented people we get to work with. Until next year!