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Life Is Better When We Take It Slow

Life Is Better When We Take It Slow

Discover what it means to live simply; you will find there is so much more to gain from life.

At the heart of NOEMA is a belief in the art of living simply. We are firm believers that the way to get the most out of life is to stop to smell the roses and slow down enough to appreciate the small pleasures in the everyday. As a fashion and lifestyle brand, we champion this ethos by creating timeless style and rejecting trends, by prioritising quality over quantity, and by producing locally to minimise environmental impact.

Slow fashion refers to an alternative fashion system whereby clothing is made to a higher standard, using better materials, and designed to last. It’s well recognised that the current system of continuous trends and disposable garments cannot be sustained, yet fast fashion brands continue to exploit people and the planet to turn over enormous profits. Slowing down the industry is the only way to prevent everlasting damage and bring the focus back on quality craftsmanship and longevity of design, both carefully infused within our brand to offer you everlasting joy.

Slow fashion brands are already demonstrating that the other side is much brighter and so much more fulfilling. NOEMA was founded on the principle of easy living, inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of Mallorca, where the sun-soaked streets and crystal-clear waters remind you that there is so much more to life than shopping hauls and chasing trends. It’s often the simplest things that make us feel the best.

Making more responsible choices in the products we buy can have a surprising impact on our lifestyles and the way we look at our belongings. We begin to appreciate the things around us so much more when we know the story behind them, the care that went into them, and the values that they symbolise. The fast fashion industry thrives on the consumer's desire for more, but as with anything, the more we have, the less it means to us.

Supporting eco-conscious and ethical businesses is one way to make your purchasing behaviour more sustainable, but there are many more ways to do your part. No matter what your budget is or your personal style, everyone can make better choices. Buying secondhand is a great way to promote longevity and slow down the fashion cycle, and what’s more, you can curate a unique style that expresses your individuality. Reworking and upcycling clothes you already own is another way to inject more life into your garments and help you rekindle an appreciation for what you already have.

Uncomplicated living means removing the unnecessary habits that modern life tends to bring, stripping back your life to what truly matters to you, and doing more of what serves you as an individual. The less you worry about the latest trends and sale seasons, the more you can enjoy those precious moments of uncomplicated living.

Don’t just believe in sustainability; live by it and see the difference that you are making in the world.